Software Partners – UK suppliers of capella, pdfFactory and Blitz Latin

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capella, a comprehensive range of German music software

violin and score picture

Very easy to use, powerful enough to produce complex full orchestral scores. Additional modules to:

  • convert sheet music and PDF files into scores that you can edit and playback
  • convert scores to audio files in MP3 and CD format
  • automatic create harmonized compositions from simple melodies
  • personal singing tutor

Click here to go to the capella site for full details, here for trial downloads. Click here to buy.


FinePrint9 and pdfFactory6 – award winning PDF & printer control software


  • very quick, simple to use produces PDF files from any documents
  • smaller than the original document with automatic email buttonoffice printer
  • complete with the fonts, graphics and a fixed but scaleable layout. What you created is seen with exactly the same appearance by everyone . Ideal for emailing, archiving and as a website download
  • turns individual documents into a single publication. Sending all the components whatever the source to pdFactory. pdfFactory combines them and you can shuffle page orders, and pull the document together with new footers, page numbering or bookmarks with a few clicks
  • add notes, post it labels and graphics/logos to any page (pdfFactory Professionall version)

FinePrint9, all the features above but focussed on printing with the best appearance and least paper.

  • rescale to any paper size with no layout change
  • print multi-up, double sided and booklet on any printer
  • rotate individual pages & content within page for specific printing needs
  • record paper savings compared to straightforward single sided output

Click here to go to the pdfFactory site for full details, here for trial downloads. Click here to buy.

Blitz Latin – accurate Latin to English translation with specialist dictionaries


It translates using grammatical rules and dictionaries and can show a comprehensive range of possible alternative meanings. The only unknown words (excepting proper names) that will be encountered with Blitz Latin will be those with a frequency of fewer than four occurrences across a tested range of files containing 5 million+ words. There are nearly 3.5 million words if inflections are counted. It covers all eras from antiquity to modern times. As well as a separate medieval dictionary there is a set of medieval translation rules to handle this distinct area of Latin.

Click here to go to the Blitz Latin site for full details, here for trial downloads. Click here to buy.